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Dec 27, 2012 4:30am PST
court justice refused to block some of the healthcare law, as they rejected aware of and that business said the healthcare mandate very late the religious beliefs. now they must see if they will be fined and she will be heard in a lower court. >>> the 40-year-old democrat will find out the remainder of the term of a man who died earlier this month. he had served with president barack obama on air force one. >>> nelson mandela is out of the hospital this morning. he is back in hospital after being treated for gallstones. >>> he was called out to a home on market treat yesterday. he wanted to turn in old pn. the from world war ii. five and a half pounds of that was recovered and can could cause a lot of problems. >>> 23-year-old gina eunice made her first court appearance. eunice was drunk when she hit a group of people while walking a long twin peaks last thursday. a man was knocked down a hillside and killed. >> this case is a case that will be handled very aggressively. >> the entire unit's family is destroyed by what happened and i think it is fair to say their main concern is for th
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
elementary school. >>> she refused to block the contraceptive requirement in president obama's healthcare law. she rejected a request for an injurisdiction to block the requirement. two companies pseudoclaiming it is against -- sued claiming it is against their belief. they could be fined more than a million dollars a day for ignoring the mandate. >>> thousands of longshoreman are threatening a strike that could cripple every sea port from boston to houston. they will walk off on sunday if a deal can't be reached. the association represents more than 14,000 dock workers at 15 ports. a shut down could cost the economy billions of dollars. a mediator has been working with the two sides. a strike is looming with a few days left. >>> a court set aside $200 million in restitution to wells fargo debt card users. the bank illegally manipulated how it processed mumps to max -- purchases to maximize over draft fees. the court sent the case back to the trial court saying the bank violated state law in the way it notified customers. >>> traffic is being rekrauted to -- rerouted. the no awe -- u.s. natio
Jan 2, 2013 7:00am PST
in healthcare. >>> the man who people were looking for in the first silver alert, he's been found. claudine wong has more on this program. >> the good news is that 82- year-old has been found. he was found after a vehicle stop in grass valley and has now been taken to the hospital for evaluation. he is the first person to prompt a silver alert in the state of california. the program is for at-risk seniors. 65 and older. it just started yesterday in california. but similar systems are being used in an estimated 30 other states. elk grove police say they contacted the chp yesterday for help. he disappeared after a fight with miss wife monday afternoon and left his home without his medication. he was supposed to go to his son's house but never arrived and the decision to issue that silver alert was made about 9:30 yesterday morning. >> the family was concerned because he's been experiencing signs of dementia, forgetfulness. >> again, he's now been found. credit card charges show he traveled through at least three counties. the big difference between am where alerts and silvers, silver alerts, they
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3